Four Mistakes to Avoid When Starting Your Business

Everyone makes mistakes. We all know that, and sometimes we recognise it as soon as we have done it that we have screwed up. Sometimes these mistakes can be avoided, other times they’re made when we’re not in our right minds, and sometimes we have no way of knowing they are mistakes until later. There […]

5 Conversion Rate Optimisation Tips for Small Business

Conversion rates will always be part of a business. You spend time building a product or service, you spend time polishing it, you spend time marketing, and that’s when potential customers start to roll your way, but not everyone becomes a permanent customer, so strategies and tactics need to be revised, and most commonly this […]

How to Create a Plan for Getting Your First 1m Visitors

Planning to get 1 million visitors – it’s not an easy task but we walk you through the steps here. To help you get started, we have created a helpful spreadsheet. Go ahead and open it up here, make yourself a copy, and follow along, popping in your own numbers as you go. The only […]

5 Tips On Branding Your Website

Branding goes back to around 2700 B.C. starting with the branding of livestock. Even paintings in tombs of Egyptians show hieroglyphs of people branding oxen. This branding confirmed the ownership of the livestock. You may not be branding livestock, but this certainly applies to your website. It needs to be brandable so people will connect […]