How to Create a Plan for Getting Your First 1m Visitors

Planning to get 1 million visitors – it’s not an easy task but we walk you through the steps here.

To help you get started, we have created a helpful spreadsheet.

Go ahead and open it up here, make yourself a copy, and follow along, popping in your own numbers as you go.

The only areas you need to edit are the ones in blue, the ones in grey are updated automatically.

  1. Figure out where you are now:
    At the top, pop in your current number of monthly visitors.

    This is your starting point. Your goal will automatically be set to double your current number. It’s aggressive! But it’s the best start on the road to 1 million visitors and we believe you can do it.

  2. Pick your one channel
    Now I want you to pick one channel to focus on. Pick the one that’s most exciting, or the one that you feel most comfortable with.

    Below we have provided you with 5 options, these are the categories which Google Analytics breaks your website visitors into so it will make it easier for you to assess how you’re doing.

    Here are your options:

    1. Organic (from search engine traffic)
    2. Advertising (Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, etc.)
    3. Referrals from other websites
    4. Emails
    5. Social Media
  3. Brainstorm Experiments
    Now, for your first month, come up with 3 things you could do to get more traffic. Make sure they’re “SMART” (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time Based).

    Don’t say “get more twitter traffic” say “tweet five times a day and include at least one hashtag in each”, the more specific an experiment the better.

    Here are some great ideas:

    1. Optimise existing content for keywords
    2. Reach out to 100 publications for getting backlinks
    3. set a search volume minimum for future content and stick to it
    4. Add more internal site links
    5. Buy PPC ads to test potential keywords
    6. Spend £500 on Facebook Ads to see how they perform
    7. Try spending £500 on both Google and Twitter Ads
    8. Use an automation software or service such as Automate Ads to test different ad designs
    9. Reach out to 50 bloggers in your field to build relationships and links to your content
    10. Find people who compile lists of products/blogs and ask to be included
    11. Look for podcasts/webinars you can participate in and get linked to from
    12. Use a tool like Mention to find references to you that aren’t linked to you
    13. Start an email list if you haven’t got one!
    14. Read up on copywriting to improve the emails that you send to your list
    15. Add an email popup tool to your site to get more people to sign up
    16. A/B test your emails when you send them out to see what headlines get more clicks
    17. Simply change the frequency of your emails to your list to see how it affects activity
    18. Join a new social network you aren’t currently using
    19. Optimise your tweets for the best number of hashtags
    20. Find Twitter chats that you can join in on
    21. Create strong visuals for each Facebook post
  4. Guesstimate your traffic
    With your experiments in place, guesstimate how much traffic you think you can get from each idea. Think about it on a daily schedule, and base it on your existing numbers.

    For example, if a tweet usually results in 5 visits to your site, then sharing 3 x a day would get you 15 more visits a day, or 450 a month.

    Don’t worry about your guesstimate being perfect, the point is to give you an idea of what to prioritise.

    Now you’ll see the one experiment you should focus on, this is where you need to start putting your efforts for traffic building, everything else is a distraction. ONLY do 1 experiment for the next 30 days.

  5. Print it out
    Last, print out your awesome calculator and put it by your computer. You should be getting reminded of your goal and experiments daily to make sure it happens!

To recap, here’s what you should have done. If you have skipped a step… well do you really intend on reaching 1 million visitors or not?

  1. Grabbed your most recent month’s traffic from Google Analytics to get your goal
  2. Picked which of the channels you want to focus on
  3. Come up with three experiments you could try for that channel
  4. guesstimated your possible traffic from each, and put it by that experiment
  5. Printed out your spreadsheet and put it by your computer

One last thing!

Post what your first experiment is, and how much traffic you want to get with that experiment in the comments area below.

Making your ambition public will help you follow through, and other people might join in with ideas to help make it happen.

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